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Here at RUSK Business Consultants, we focus on prioritizing our client’s interests and work with the core areas that include:

  •  Business Start-up Planning

  • •Business Recovery

  • •Back Office Accounting and Compliance

  • •Accounts Filing

  • •Business Re-Structuring

  • •Business Audit

Business Start-Up Planning And Business Plans

Initially at the start of a business, your company will need crisp and concise methods to make a beginning. At RUSK Business Consultants we believe in coming up with new ideas, executing them, revising, and then executing them again. This constant revising process means that we believe as a company we can help you achieve your objectives.
As every business plan will be completely unique, we hope to help you with planning and critical tools for decision making. We can help with a set of goals that are attainable and we ensure that the company is on the right track and the right amount of time is taken to the reach the end goal. We declare that the true vision and mission statements of the company will help to develop the finance, marketing, HR, It, and legal system front.

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Business Recovery

Our business plans and solutions at RUSK Business Consultants are in accordance with changing market scenarios, we ensure stability during both favourable and challenging economies. Our strategy is simple – it is to maintain consistency as we help develop, innovate, and implement the business plan your company wants. We will monitor the ideas in all possible environments and set a roadmap to ensure that we precent any obstacle that might come on the way.

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Business Restructuring

Here at Rusk Business Consultants in Woking, we can help to manage your accounts and ensure you stay on the right track. We will assist you in accurately calculating your profits, income and expenditure and enable you to succeed in achieving your financial goals.
We endeavour to help you in restructuring your financial goals based on current market conditions and work with you effectively to ensure your vision statement is achieved. Please contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

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Business Audit

We have expertise in quantitative and qualitative analysis that will be the prior focal point to our audits. The assessments will be directly related to the task set initially during the planning stage and the re-constructing phase that occurs with changing market conditions. We can provide high standards of quality management and ensure that we come up with the appropriate solutions to manage all the risks involved in changing economic conditions. With the fluctuation of the economy, one can only be too careful in managing the audits.

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